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There is no doubt that pictures, whether consumed online or in print, are still one of the most favourable ways of showcasing a product. With fashion, most things depend on the way clothes are presented. Moving images have always enticed and involved consumers which is why fashion films become a great marketing tool to effectively represent an aesthetic story for a brand. Often interspersed with humour, drama and music, here are five fashion films that promise to be a visual treat in little less than five minutes… Holy Holi byRead More

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TIATR COMETITION 2014- Poltodcho Saib

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William Rodrigues Takes Exclusive interview of Goan nightingale Legend Lorna First time on Goan Television. Lorna Cordeiro, a Konkani language singer from the state of Goa, India, is popularly known as the Goan nightingale. Lorna was one of the dominant Goan Singers, particularly in the 1970s. She regards Chris Perry as her guru (teacher) and credits him for bringing to light her singing talent and making her a popular singer. Lorna’s family encouraged and supported her singing talents. From the age of 15, for 9 years, she sang for ChrisRead More

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Siolim Sao Joao 2015

It is the feast of St John the Baptist on June 24th. On this day young men around Goa jump into wells to retrieve gifts thrown in by villagers. This celebration is called Sao Joao, one of the more famous Christian feasts in the state.alt The festivals takes place at the beginning of Monsoon season in Goa and people of all ages jumping into wells, streams and ponds. They get well tanked with feni and do this. In Siolim, the village in north Goa’s Bardez taluka, colourful boat races areRead More