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[GRAPHIC IMAGES] This Security Guard Of Bank Of Maharashtra ATM Was Hit Multiple Times on Head With Hammer! But He still Managed To Foil Attempt Of Bank Loot. All Happened Within Few Meters From Police Head Quarters and Panjim Police Station.  Read More
Another Case of Old Aged Man Being Held Captive Comes To Light This Time at St. Cruz. Recently In Goa News Had Broadcasted A Story of A Women Held in Captive For 15 Years. Why The Cases of Abandoning Their Elderly Parents Growing in Goa? Watch This Heartwarming Story  Read More
Digital India? No Internet at Department of Settlement & Land Records Since Past 6 Months!Read More
Tourist Suffer As Toilets & Changing Room Wait For Minister’s Inauguration at BogmalloRead More

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Dhendlo Festival Goa

Shelpem Diarrhea Outbreak Was Due to Contaminated WaterRead More

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Goa Narkasur 2017

A lady Maria Barbosa from Kanttem locality in Velaso Pale had a miraculous escape after a tree came crashing on the house at 2 am on Sunday. The lady who stays alone in the house escaped with no injuries despite the tree crashing on her bedroom. The house was damaged to a great extent. The access road that leads to the site has not been developed for the last 30 years and hence the fire brigade could not arrive at the site. Villagers say that since the road is narrowRead More
Eating Biryani? Watch This… Are Dogs in Goa Killed for Their Meat?Read More