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सहा नौदल युवतींचा सागरी प्रवास ‘म्हादई’ची सागरी परिक्रमा यशस्वी मॉरिशस मोहिमेनंतर ‘म्हादई’चे गोव्यात आगमन नौदल अधिकाऱ्यांनी केले स्वगृही स्वागत भारतीय नौदलातील जलप्रवासी असलेली एकमेव नौका म्हणजे ‘म्हादई बोट’. या नौकेचे गुरुवारी स्वगृही म्हणजे गोव्यात आगमन झालं. या नौकेवर सहा महिला सागर परिक्रमा करण्यासाठी गेल्या होत्या. त्यांचं स्वागत नौदलाच्या वरिष्ठ अधिकाऱ्यांनी गुरुवारी आयएनएस मांडवीवर स्वागत केलं.Read More
Washington D.C: Sister Cecilia Maria was a nun and a nurse who served through the Saints Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Argentina, the Catholic News Agency reports. The much-beloved sister died on June 22 at the age of 43 after losing a battle with lung cancer. Before she died, Cecilia Maria wrote a note from her hospital bed and posted it along with smiling photos of herself on social media. Her note and the photos quickly took off online, gaining attention and prayers from thousands of people all across the world,Read More
मुख्यमंत्री लक्ष्मीकांत पार्सेकर यांची मॅरेथॉन मुलाखत आयुष्यात कधीही सुडाचे राजकारण केले नाही विद्यार्थ्यांमुळे जिंकली पहिली निवडणूक पहिल्यांदा आमदारकी मिळूनही मंत्रीपद नाही चुकीचा पायंडा कधीही घातला नाही प्रदेशाध्यक्ष असताना मंत्रीपदाची अभिलाषा नव्हती पहिल्यांदा सत्ता गेल्यावर मंत्र्यांना जड वाटत होते राजकारणात सगळी गणिते मनासारखी होत नाही नवीन आमदार काहीसे उतावीळ ते विरोधी बाकावर बसले नाहीत मुख्यमंत्री पदाची कधीच अपेक्षा नव्हती चार दिवस आधी मुख्यमंत्री होणार हे समजले मुख्यमंत्री पदामुळे पुष्कळ शिकलो, मोठा अनुभव मिळाला संघर्षातून इथपर्यंत पोहोचले विरोधी पक्षनेते प्रतापसिंह राणे यांच्याकडून बरेच शिकलो संरक्षणमंत्री मनोहर पर्रीकर यांच्याकडून खूप शिकलो सतत कार्यरतRead More
Indian Navy’s sail Boat INSV Mhadei sailed into Port Louis, Mauritius today at 1 pm with the first all-women crew. The Navy’s famous sailing vessel Mhadei set sail from her home port, Goa, on 24 May 16 on this historic first open ocean voyage by an all-women crew on any vessel of the Indian Navy. Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi, a Naval Architect, is the first woman Skipper of Mhadei. The boat is crewed by Lieutenant P Swathi, Lieutenant Pratibha Jamwal (Air Traffic Control specialists), Lieutenant Vijaya Devi, Sub Lieutenant PayalRead More
Datsun India on Tuesday launched its entry-level hatchback redi-GO priced between Rs 2.38 lakh and Rs 3.34 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), raising the competition in the entry-level segment, ruled by Maruti Suzuki Alto and its latest challenger, the Renault Kwid. The redi-GO is based on the Renault-Nissan’s Common Module Family Architecture (CMF-A), which also underpins the Kwid. Bookings for the redi-GO began on April 29 and the company said the deliveries have started immediately with the launch. Engine Powered by a three-cylinder, 800cc i-SAT petrol engine, which also does the dutyRead More
SIOLIM villagers opposed a new multipurpose project in river Chapora and demanded that an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study be conducted.Read More
Illegal Tent at Sunburn

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Star Drive for the Twinkling stars

Every Child dreams of being driven in an Mercedes-Benz, but not for the “Twinkling stars of El Shaddai” An initiative by Counto Motors dealer for Mercedes-Benz in Goa in association with El Shaddai, gave 65 children an exclusive drive in Mercedes-Benz cars. The day began with 10 Mercedes-Benz cars picking up the children from El-Shaddai in Saligaon and heading out for a drive to Panjim children park where in games were held and the winners were awarded with gifts organised by the Counto Motors. The children were overjoyed with thisRead More
Women Sitting on Tree
Inspired by Shankar’s film ‘Mudhalvan’ (Nayak in Hindi) in which the hero is bathed in milk to cleanse himself of filth, a Councillor elected from the BJP panel in the recently concluded Civic Polls in Goa, was bathed in milk. Though the victorious Councillor may have enjoyed the milk bath in the morning, he was not prepared for the flak that he received from various quarters later. In the recently concluded Civic Polls in Goa, BJP panels secured victory in 6 councils out of the 11 which went to poll.Read More