CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Youth Breaking into School at Mapusa

Posted On January 28, 2016 By In Crime, Top Stories

Caught on Camera

A miscreant cut open the window grill of the Principal’s office of St. Anthony High School Duler, cut open the office door latch, removed the school bell and kept it on the table, shifted things around within the office and scribbled on paper and yet not stealing anything, but leaving all on the Principals table, left the premise. On the arrival of the Police it was found that nothing was missing. The miscreant entered the premises at 9:20pm, surveyed the premises realised that the camera was on his focus at 9:23, covered his face and left, then returned and rotated the cameras at 10:20 pm and completed his mischief and left at 12 am. What his intention was remains a mystery left for the police to solve. Mapusa Police are investigating the case.


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