Nokia’s Android crop coming in Q4 2016/Q1 2017 with Snapdragon 820!

Posted On July 19, 2016 By In Technology

Well here it is folks. We’ve heard for a while that Nokia is prepping a special re-entry into the smartphone market sans Microsoft, Windows, and the Lumia brand, instead opting for Google’s Android operating system, but now on July 18 the firm’s first two handsets in this arena have leaked online.

Oddly following on from the peculiar news that HTC’s Nexus phones will be 5in and 5.5in models, the news for the Nokia duo is a 5.2in and 5.5in arrangement. Sources for this info comes via NokiaPowerUser’s “trusted sources” and also via Gizmochina, with GC’s report claiming both models will have 2K display resolutions, and NPU saying instead QHD on Super AMOLED panels for both. The reports also add we’re looking at a metallic build which will re-introduce Nokia’s distinctive build and design qualities of yesteryear (we’re guessing this means in terms of solid build, decent materials, and a nice feel in the hand), as well as IP68 waterproofing certification on both handsets. Additionally, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is name-dropped for both devices too, meaning they’re both apparently more-or-less equal-footing high-end devices rather than a high and mid-ranger dual-launch.

The 5.5in model is mentioned to have a 22MP camera. NPU says the sensors are the “most sensitive ever and will be based upon Nokia’s extensive research on wonder material Graphene”. We can likely assume the camera will not be branded as PureView as this went over to Microsoft with its earlier acquisition of the Lumia brand and team, but with Nokia having pioneered such advanced camera tech once already it seems quite probably it’ll have re-developed something equally capable. We’re looking forward to a new high-end camera brand name from Nokia for this!

GizmoChina reports that the phones will be available in China (of course they will likely be available elsewhere too!) with an expected price of around $500 US. In terms of launch we are apparently looking at very late in 2016 or possible Q1 2017 if things roll back a bit.

As you can see, while there is some crossover between the reports there are also some glaring differences, meaning the picture is not entirely clear at this point. Still, the corroborating evidence confirms that there are indeed a couple of Android phones coming from Nokia at 5.2in and 5.5in. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with more details and evidence as we find it.


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