Nude Body of India’s Best Perfume Specialist Found in Goa

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Monika Ghurde murdered

Nude Body of India’s Best Perfume Specialist Found in Goa

Monica Ghurde, India’s Best Perfume specialist Murdered at Sangolda, she was 39 years old, Murdered at her flat, Robbery and rape suspected as she was found nude with hands & legs tied.

Monika Ghurde at the workshop

Monika Ghurde at the workshop

Who was Monika Ghurde?

Monica Ghurde (39), perhaps India’s best perfumer and researcher, was murdered in cold blood, as her naked body with her hands and legs tied was found at her residence in Sangolda this morning. Apart from investigating the murder, the police are also investigating the case for robbery and rape.

Ghurde was firm believer in the fact that the fragrance one chooses to wear reveals a great deal about your personality and mood. Speaking to the media, she had said, “The power of smell can transport us back in time. People have memories attached to a particular smell. You might think you pick a perfume just for the smell of it, but you make a subconscious decision that could trace your childhood, where you grew up or remind you of some happy memories.”

Monika’s career shift was an accident. Before taking a keen interest in perfumes, Ghurde was successful photographer when her ‘nose’ was discovered and she decided to pursue perfumery. She started off by setting her first lab in Chennai and there was no looking back. Ghurde was known for conducting ‘smell’ workshops across the world. In Goa too, she had conducted multiple workshops, including one at Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts. Her workshops also helped participants understand the fragrance palate and choose a product best suited to their own personality.



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  1. This is indeed terrible news and I am pleased that at least her death has been filed as a homicide and can only hope it will be investigated fully by the police. I would like to point out that when a tourists is found dead in these similar circumstances the case is usually filed as accidental/unnatural or suicidal death and never investigated properly, even when everything indicates towards murder.

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