Press Release For the day as on 29.06.2016 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.

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Margao Town PS Cr.  No.  181/16 U/S 279, 337 IPC

That on 29/06/2016 at 11.50 hrs, registered an offence on behalf of State upon the complaint of Shri. Laxman B. Sawant, HC-3319 of Margao Town PS on that on 26/06/16 at 20.10 hrs near railway station, Aquem, Margao, accused namely Mohammed Hanif s/o Hafiz Sayed, age 25 years, r/o H.No.690/Y, Eklatti Curtorim, Salcete, Goa, rider of Aviator scooter bearing No.GA-08-AG-8051 while he was proceeding from Malbhat, Margao to Curtorim Salcete rode his scooter in  a rash and negligent manner endangering to human life and when reached near railway station, Aquem, Margao dashed against the incoming access scooter bearing No. GA-08-Q-9222, which was proceeding from Rumdamol housing board to Malbhat, Margao thereby causing injuries to the rider of Access scooter Shri Rupesh s/o Dashrath Morajkar, age 33 yrs and pillion rider Smt. Rekha w/o Dashrath Morajkar age 55 years r/o H.No.617, housing board Rumdamol, accused rider himself. Further investigation is in Progress.


Margao Town PS Cr.No. 183/16 U/s 379 r/w 34 IPC

That on 29/06/16 at 13.50 hrs complainant Shri. Pravin Virdikar s/o Gurudas Virdikar, age 42 years, occupation r/o Rumdamol, Davorlim, Salcete Goa lodged his complaint that on 29/06/16 between 12.00 hrs to 12.30 hrs from the wholesale fish market, Margao Salcete Goa, the accused person 1) Salim Shaikh s/o Kunji Shaikh, age 40 years, r/o Chndrawaddo, Fatorda, Salcete Goa and 2) Anil Kumar Srivastava s/o Sonilal Srivastava, age 29 years, r/o Chandrawaddo, Fatorda and N/o Uttar Pradesh with their common intention committed theft of 65 plastic fish crates all worth Rs. 65,000/-. Accused persons has been arrested and kept in P.S lockup. Further investigation is in Progress.


Margao Town PS Cr. No. 184/16 U/s 420 IPC

That on 29/06/16 at 17.00hrs registered an offence upon the written complaint of Smt. Riya w/o Bapu Salgaonkar, age 45 years, occ. Housewife r/o H. No. 101, Maina Bhati, near Laxmi Narayan Temple, Arpora, Bardez, Goa that from March 2016 till date at TNK at Aapi Bhat, Dongrim, Navelim, Salcete Goa, the accused person i.e. Rampreet Sahani (full details not known) dishonestly advertised in the local, newspaper “Tarun Bharat” that he shall solve various problems related to family matters, pregnancy, etc. knowing that he does not have any qualification of treating any of the above sickness further induced the complainants sister to part Rs.13,000/- to cure her sickness and also induced complainant to pay part Rs.27,000/- in order to have pregnancy and gave some water, stating to be medicating one, thereby cheated both of them for forty thousand rupees. Accused person Rampreet s/o Dalla Sahani, age 54 year c/o r/o AapiBhat Mandopa Navelim Salcete Goa n/o Bhagvanpur Maija, The Rudalpur, Dist.Deoria Uttar Pradesh has been arrested. Further investigation is in Progress.


olva P.S Cr. No. 68/16 u/s 457, 380 IPC

That on 29/06/16 at 10.10 hrs registered an offence upon the complaint of Mrs. Maria w/o Agnelo Rodrigues, age 45 years, r/o Guru Radha, Park, B-2, F-3, Per Seraulim, Colva that on 28/06/16 between 23.30 hrs to 04.00 hrs on 29/06/16 at H. No. 40, Pequeno, Vanelim, Colva belonging to the complainants mother-in-law Mrs. Caramina w/o Antonio Rodrigues unknown accused person/s effected entry into the house by removing roof tiles and committed theft of mobile phone make Nokia W/Rs. 2000/-, cash of Rs. 5000/- Approx and LPG, HP gas cylinder. Further investigation is in progress.


Margao Town PS Cr.No.182/16 U/s 87 (F) of Goa Public Health (Amendment Act 2005 That on 29/06/2016 at 13.00 hrs registered an offence on behalf of State upon the complaint of LPSI Veronica Coutinho of Margao Town P.S to that on 29/06/2016 at around 11.15 hrs near Ganga General stores, near Railway station, Margao two male accused person namely Shri Sarvesh s/o Baidhoo Chauhan, age 20 years, r/o c/o Mr. Santosh Piroilker near Railway station, Margao Goa n/o H. No.326, 01 Katorwa Thana Visheshverganj, Dist. Bahraich and Shri Kamta s/o Bacharam Chauhan age 18 years, r/o c/o Mr. Santosh near Railway station, Margao, Goa n/o Badagao Thana visheshverganj, Dist. Bahraich were caught red handed while being found in illegal possession of Gutka packets and tobacco powder etc, all worth Rs. 4658/- and cash of Rs. 45O/-. Further investigation is in Progress.



Canacona P.S U.D.  No. 15/16 u/s 174 Cr. P.C

That on 29/06/16 at 18.50 hrs. Canacona P.S. received phone call form casualty Police Hospicio Hospital Margao informing that patient Ulhas s/o RaghunathTalpankar, age 69 years r/o Rajbag Tarir Canacona who was admitted in Hospicio Hospital Margao as a case of consumption of Ratol at his residence is expired. Deceased body preserved at TB Hospital Margao. Further investigation is in progress.


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