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आठव्या ब्रिक्स परिषदेचा वृत्तांत भारत आणि रशिया यांच्यात १६ महत्त्वपूर्ण करार वाहतूक आणि स्मार्ट सिटी तंत्रज्ञानाची होणार देवाणघेवाण भूमिगत गॅसवाहिन्यांची जाळे विकसित करण्यावर भर शैक्षणिक क्षेत्रात एकमेकांना करणार सहकार्य ‘कामोव’ हेलिकॉप्टर निर्मित घेणार सहकार्य नौकाबांधणी क्षेत्र विकासासाठी करारावर स्वाक्षऱ्या रशिया हा भारताचा जुना मित्र – मोदी ब्रिक्स परिषदेच्या निमित्ताने रशिया आणि भारत यांच्यात तब्बल ३० संयुक्त करार होण्याची शक्यता आहे. यातील पहिल्या दिवशी तब्बल १६ सामंजस्य करारांवर सह्या करण्यात आल्या. यावेळी अध्यक्ष ब्लादिमीर पुतीन आणि भारताचे पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी उपस्थित होते. यावेळी रशिया हा भारताचा जुना मित्र आहे. दोन नवीनRead More
रशियासोबत संरक्षण क्षेत्रातील महत्त्वपूर्ण करार तमिळनाडू अणुप्रकल्पाला रशिया करणार सहकार्य भारत रशियाकडून ‘एस-४००’ क्षेपणास्त्रविरोधी यंत्रणा खरेदी करणार तमिळनाडूत अणुप्रकल्प उभारण्याचं काम सुरू आहे. या प्रकल्पाला रशियाचं सहकार्य लाभणार असून प्रकल्पाच्या दोन युनिटचे भूमिपूजन ब्रिक्स परिषदेत करण्यात आला.Read More
Boxer Manoj Kumar joined archers Deepika Kumari and Bombayla Devi in the pre-quarters of their respective events on another day of exits for India contingent at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Deepika and Bombayla entered the women’s individual event’s Round of 16 with stirring displays. While the Indian women’s hockey team suffered its second loss in a row, losing to Australia by a crippling 1-6 margin, shooters Jitu Rai and Prakash Nanjappa, weightlifter Sathish Sivalingam and judoka Avtar Singh exited the Games. Against this crop of disappointments, what Bombayla (ranked 69th)Read More
दहशतवाद्यांशी लढताना दोन जवान शहीद शहीद जवानांचे पार्थिव पोहोचले गोव्यात पणजी सैनिकी तळावर दिली मानवंदना सुबेदार बसप्पा पाटील, सेपोय हसनसाब खुदावंद यांना सलाम काश्मीरच्या कुपवाडा जिल्ह्यात दहशतवाद्यांशी लढताना सुबेदार बसप्पा पाटील आणि सेपोय हसनसाब खुदावंद या शूरांनी आपल्या प्राणांची आहुती दिली. या दोन्ही हुतात्म्यांचे पार्थिव सोमवारी सकाळी गोव्यात आणण्यात आलं. पणजी इथल्या सैनिकी तळावर त्यांना मानवंदना देऊन त्यांच्या मूळ गावी कर्नाटकात पाठवण्यात आलं. श्रीनगर- भारत-पाकिस्तान सीमेनजीकच्या कुपवाडा जिल्ह्यात सुरक्षा दलाची दहशतवाद्यांशी जोरदार चकमक झाली. २९ जुलैच्या रात्री दहशतवादी घुसल्याची माहिती सुरक्षादलाला मिळाली होती. त्यानुसार २९ जुलैपासून मोहीम सुरू करण्यात आलीRead More
While Rajan’s initiatives to cut bad loans has started yielding results, banks have been scared out of lending which has taken credit growth down to a two-year low. The next Reserve Bank of India governor faces a tricky task completing a bank clean-up spearheaded by outgoing Governor Raghuram Rajan, while coping with the demands of a government that is desperate to see a revival in lending to businesses. Rajan was feted by investors for his efforts to deal with a mountain of bad debt clogging India’s financial system, but hisRead More
giving fillip to Digital India initiative, Cabinet today cleared the way for mega auction of spectrum. More than 2300 MHz spectrum is available for auction across 7 bands. The availability of such a large quantity of spectrum will give a fillip for Digital India. This will also allow telecom operators to purchase spectrum at par with international holding values & end spectrum shortage. Cabinet also approved special package for employment generation & promotion of exports in Textile & Apparel sector. Finance Minister said that approval was also given for rehabilitationRead More
“Success has become a way of life for Isro. But we never get carried away by success.” This remark by a senior scientist of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) summed up the mood in the control room at India’s spaceport in Sriharikota after the hugely successful PSLV- C34 mission on Wednesday morning. This was the 36th flight of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and the 34th successful launch in a row. The rocket has launched over 110 satellites, including 57 from international customers and space agencies. Wednesday’s wasRead More

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Cabinet clears National Civil Aviation Policy

Govt approves replacing ‘5/20 rule’ In a landmark move, the Union government on Wednesday approved a plan to replace a decade-old rule for allowing new domestic airlines set up in India to fly on international routes. New airlines, such as Vistara and AirAsia, can now fly to international routes after operating at least 20 aircraft in the domestic market. The new norms were a part of the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016 which was approved by the Union Cabinet here on Wednesday. What is 5/20 rule? According to the previousRead More
OnePlus, the Chinese technology startup has announced its next flagship, OnePlus 3 will go on auction even before it hits the market. OnePlus 3 is set to launch in India on June 15 exclusively on Amazon India. OnePlus has partnered with Droom, for this particular auction process. OnePlus 3 auction ahead of launch is a first-of-its-kind smartphone auction. OnePlus is giving away just five OnePlus 3 devices ahead of launch. OnePlus says entire proceeds from the auction will go to the charity chosen by the OnePlus community. “We are excitedRead More
Washington, June 7 : At least 25 Indian students in their first semester of computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University have been asked to return to India or find placement in other schools, because they did not meet the admission standards of the varsity, The New York Times said on Tuesday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a US visit. Some 60 Indian students were enrolled for the programme in January this year and the university was said to have used international recruiters to enrol them. James Gary,Read More