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पोलिसांना ६९ गस्ती मोटारसायकली प्रदान पोलीस दलात गस्तीसाठी ७ बोलेरो दाखल मुख्यमंत्री पार्सेकर यांनी दाखवला हिरवा झेंडा राज्यातील पोलिसांना गस्त घालण्यासाठी आता आणखीन ६९ नवीन गस्ती मोटरसायकली आणि सात नव्या बोलेरो गाड्या प्रदान करण्यात आल्या. आल्तिनो पणजीतील मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या शासकीय निवासस्थानी पार्सेकर यांच्याहस्ते हा कार्यक्रम पार पडला. यावेळी पोलीस दलाचे वरिष्ठ अधिकारी उपस्थित होते. ‘राज्य आधुनिकीकरण योजने’अंतर्गत पोलीस खात्याला या मोटरसायकल विकत घेण्यासाठी या वर्षी केंद्र सरकारने राज्य सरकारला ३२ लाख ६९ हजार ८२ रुपयांचे अनुदान दिले होते. पोलिसांना दिलेल्या गस्ती मोटरसायकली दक्षिण आणि उत्तर गोव्यात विभागून दिल्या जातील, अशी माहितीRead More
  SOUTH GOA DISTRICT Margao Town PS Cr.  No.  181/16 U/S 279, 337 IPC That on 29/06/2016 at 11.50 hrs, registered an offence on behalf of State upon the complaint of Shri. Laxman B. Sawant, HC-3319 of Margao Town PS on that on 26/06/16 at 20.10 hrs near railway station, Aquem, Margao, accused namely Mohammed Hanif s/o Hafiz Sayed, age 25 years, r/o H.No.690/Y, Eklatti Curtorim, Salcete, Goa, rider of Aviator scooter bearing No.GA-08-AG-8051 while he was proceeding from Malbhat, Margao to Curtorim Salcete rode his scooter in  a rashRead More
अपंगांच्या जागेत अन्य वाहनांचे पार्किंग नको अपंग आयुक्तांच्या वाहतूक पोलीस, मनपाला सूचना अपंग आयोग, मनपाचा जागृतीपर कार्यक्रम पणजीत अपंगांच्या आरक्षित जागेत अन्य वाहनचालक वाहने पार्क करून ठेवतात. त्याचा अपंग व्यक्तींना नाहक त्रास होतो. या प्रकारांवर आळा घालावा, अशा सूचना अपंग आयोगाच्या आयुक्त अनुराधा जोशी यांनी केल्याहेत. याविषयी जागृती करण्यासाठी महापालिका आणि आयोगानं सोमवारी एका कार्यक्रमाचं आयोजन केलं होतं. या कार्यक्रमास वाहतूक पोलीस, पार्किंग शुल्क कंत्राटदार आणि कामगार उपस्थित होते.Read More
Forest Department detains 5 frog poachers in 3 cases from gudi paroda and chandrawado fatorda.bull frogs rescued and later released range forest inspector Margao Siddhesh Gawade gave detailsRead More
EDM lovers can start fidgeting because Goa police will not allow music festivals to set up camp in the state unless they clear their arrears towards security arrangements. Sunburn and VH1 Supersonic are the biggest crowd pullers and must-visit music festivals in the country. As usual, these festivals are scheduled to take place in December. But the festivals have not paid their dues from 2014 towards the deployment of traffic police and security arrangements provided by Goa police, reports an English daily. North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar made it clearRead More

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Margao Police Arrest Six in Robbery Case

The Margao town police on Friday arrested six persons in connection with the case of an abduction and theft booked earlier this week. A Bhatkal-based salesman was robbed of around 2.40 lakh in cash near the Margao station road area. The police revealed the names of those arrested as Rohit Mangalam, the prime accused, and his accomplices, Rajat Gurav, Uddhav Arlekar, Rahil Shaikh, Rahim Mohammed and Parshuram Marbutti, all residents of Margao and in the age group of 20-25 years. Police sources said that the police were on the lookoutRead More
The Taxi driver who was attacked outside a casino office has now alleged that the police are doing poor investigation in the case. According to the available information the attack took place due to existing business rivalry amongst the victim and the attackers. The physical fight between the ‘Pulsar’ and seven of his opponents took place early morning around 3am outside the Casino office in Panaji. Panaji police booked the case against seven persons including four unidentified persons for assaulting ‘Pulsar’. According to the information provided by the reliable sourcesRead More