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Brahmanand Topio Mamlekar

Posted On January 16, 2016By Akshay LadIn Crime, Top Stories

Moneylender’s Murder, Dhavli Local Arrested

Ponda Police have arrested Siddharth Mohan Miringkar (44) from Dhavali for allegedly murdering a moneylender from Ponda,whose body was found in Tambdi Surla recently. The police made the breakthrough after forming three teams to investigate the case and interrogating more than 150 people. It may be recalled that moneylender Brahmanand Topio Mamlekar (56) from Upper Bazaar, Ponda, went missing on Jan 4, and four days later, his decomposed body was found on the banks of the Ragada River near the temple at Tambdi Surla. Addressing the press, Ponda Dy SPRead More

Posted On September 14, 2015By Akshay LadIn Local, Top Stories

Sugarcane Farmers Highway at Dharbandora

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