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Glimpses of São João 2017

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गोव्यात विशेषत: ख्रिस्ती बांधवांमध्ये लोकप्रिय असलेला सांजाव महोत्सव शुक्रवारी राज्यभरात साजरा करण्यात आला. हा महोत्सव बाप्टिस्ट सेंट जॉन यांना समर्पित करण्यात आलाय. आगशी भागात सायमन कायदो आणि त्यांच्या सहकाऱ्यांनी सांजव साजरा केला. त्यांनी रंगीबेरंगी पोषक करून डोक्यावर कोपेल नावाची फळाफुलांनी लडबडलेली परडी धारण केली होती. सांताक्रूझ भागात मारियान अराऊजो आणि सहकाऱ्यांनी सांजाव साजरा केला. या ठिकाणी उत्साही तरुणांनी तुडूंब भरलेल्या विहिरीत मनसोक्त विहार केला. कुडका भागात मारिया डिकुन्हा आणि सहकाऱ्यांनी सांजावची मिरवणूक काढली. या ठिकाणीही भर पावसात पाण्यानं भरलेल्या विहिरीत उत्साही तरुणांनी मजा केली.Read More

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Sao Joao is a traditional Goan festival celebrated on June 24 every year. The carnival-like atmosphere adds to the charm of the monsoons where Goans deck up in colourful costumes, wear fruit and flower laden wreaths called kopel (throne) on their heads, move in processions, partake in floats and last but not the least, splash into wells overflowing with rain water “Sao Joao is the Feast of St. John, the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus who also baptised Jesus in River Jordan. According to the biblical story, Mary, the Mother ofRead More

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Siolim Sao Joao 2015

It is the feast of St John the Baptist on June 24th. On this day young men around Goa jump into wells to retrieve gifts thrown in by villagers. This celebration is called Sao Joao, one of the more famous Christian feasts in the state.alt The festivals takes place at the beginning of Monsoon season in Goa and people of all ages jumping into wells, streams and ponds. They get well tanked with feni and do this. In Siolim, the village in north Goa’s Bardez taluka, colourful boat races areRead More