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“I Will Suicide If I Don’t Get Justice” Girl Uploads Video On Social Media After Failing To Get Help From Fatorda PoliceRead More
Newly Married Anti Terrorist Squad Constable’s Wife Commits Suicide in Vasco, 10 Year Back Another Woman Also succumbed to burn injuries in the same Quarters.Read More

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Suicide at Baina Vasco

In the year 2015 Goa Police also passed on the case of youth who was hanged from a tree with his mouth and hands tied as a suicide case(Link to the Story of 2015Read More
मडगाव पालिका उद्यानात सापडला अनोळखी मृतदेह मृत व्यक्तीचं वय ५५ ते ६० च्या दरम्यान पोलिसांनी व्यक्त केला आत्महत्येचा संशय मडगावातील नगरपालिका उद्यानात बुधवारी सकाळी ५५-६० वर्षे वयोगटातील एका अनोळखी व्यक्तीचा मृतदेह आढळल्यानं खळबळ माजली. ही व्यक्ती उद्यानातील झाडाला लटकताना दिसताच स्थानिक व्यक्तीनं फोनवरून पोलिसांना कळविलं. त्यानंतर पोलिसांनी त्वरित घटनास्थळी धाव घेतली. दरम्यान, हा आत्महत्येचा प्रकार आल्याचा प्राथमिक संशय पोलिसांनी व्यक्त केलाय.Read More
A Goa police constable, accused of murder, allegedly committed suicide in a police lock-up. Following this, three police constables were suspended on Friday. Arrested this week in connection with the murder of one Ratan Carol, police constable Devidas Sinari was found hanging from the roof of the lock-up in North Goa district in the small hours of Friday. The incident happened at the police station at Usgao, 25 km from here. Sinari was arrested after severed, decomposed limbs and the headless corpse of Ratan Carol, who was reported missing sinceRead More