Vegetables harvested on Mars-like soil safe for humans – Dutch scientists

Posted On June 25, 2016 By In Science News

If you thought eating vegetables harvested on Mars as pictured in ‘The Martian’ blockbuster was fiction, you were wrong. A team of Dutch scientists has not only grown crops in soil matching that of the Red Planet, but proven it safe for human consumption.

Researchers at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands announced that out of 10 crops grown and harvested in Mars-simulating conditions, at least four – radishes, peas, rye and tomatoes – showed “no dangerous” levels of toxic elements found in the Mars soil, and are totally edible.

“We can actually eat the radishes, peas, rye and tomatoes, and I am very curious what they will taste like,” ecologist and leading researcher of the project Dr. Wieger Wamelink announced in a Facebook post.

No concentrations of heavy metal content dangerous for human health have been found in the four crops, scientists said. Furthermore, preliminary analysis has shown that concentrations of some heavy metals “were even lower than in the crops grown in potting soil.”

Saying that “the results are very promising,” researchers added that tests for the remaining crops are yet to follow.


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