Is Goa Developed? Villagers in Velsao Pale Stil Don’t Have Access Roads!

Posted On October 9, 2017 By In Special Stories, Top Stories

A lady Maria Barbosa from Kanttem locality in Velaso Pale had a miraculous escape after a tree came crashing on the house at 2 am on Sunday. The lady who stays alone in the house escaped with no injuries despite the tree crashing on her bedroom. The house was damaged to a great extent.
The access road that leads to the site has not been developed for the last 30 years and hence the fire brigade could not arrive at the site.
Villagers say that since the road is narrow and not developed emergency services like ambulance and fire services are not available.There are 60 house and 150 people but the road is neglected for last many years. We as a Panchayat body will help her and give all support a d probably some monetary help” said Dy Sarpanch Sylvia D’Souza.
The Sarpanch Henriques P Dmello said that Mathany had put development of this road on his manifesto.I wish Matanhy was alive. He would take this development first thing after being elected” said Sarpanch.
Another EX Panch Roquezinho D Souza said that I urge the Govt authority to take a serious note of this road and Remember that 150 people live here in danger said Roquezinho D Souza. Local Bima said we face lot problems we take patient on chairs to the hospital not a single vehicle r coming we apraoch minister MLA but no one is interested.


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