Taxi Driver Attack: Victim Alleges Poor Police Investigation

Posted On September 6, 2015 By In Crime, Local, Top Stories

The Taxi driver who was attacked outside a casino office has now alleged that the police are doing poor investigation in the case.
According to the available information the attack took place due to existing business rivalry amongst the victim and the attackers. The physical fight between the ‘Pulsar’ and seven of his opponents took place early morning around 3am outside the Casino office in Panaji. Panaji police booked the case against seven persons including four unidentified persons for assaulting ‘Pulsar’. According to the information provided by the reliable sources Victim used to run the business of taxi operator outside the casino office at the Panaji jetty and he apparently did not allow anyone to operate the similar business outside the casino, police said that most of the Chimbel residents who are involved into the taxi business would wait outside the casino offices till late night to ferry the casino customers who leaves casino late at night. Police further said that, when customer comes out of the casino, ‘Pulsar’ who has the five taxis would stop all other taxi operators from ferrying the customers as he intent to “monopolize the business around the casino offices”. As a result of this all his opponents got together and staged the attack on him with “Sharp & Deadly weapons” thereby causing the grievous injuries to him.


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